Does the List contain Contact Names or Job Titles?

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We do not include job titles or contact names (although many of the email addresses listed contain a named contact, example: Please understand you will find it impossible to obtain genuine and up to date Lists or Directories with contact names at our price point as the only way to keep such contact names up to date is to telephone the organizations every few months to check the contact information which is obviously an expensive process resulting in finished data which is then sold at far higher prices. Please be wary of any seemingly similar lists at our price point with contact names as the maths simply does not add up.
To see details of the data that our lists contain please see the Home or Introduction Page of the list in question.  You can also view a screenshot video on that web page that shows exactly the type of data that is included. As you will see we do not mention that we supply Contact Names or Job Titles.
This point is also covered in the Shopping Cart where the order is placed and in our Terms of Business Point 4

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