My list file will not download or will not open properly.

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File will not download: It might be that file delivery service was off-line for a few moments or there was a break in the connection. Please try it again. If the problem persists then please send us a screenshot of any errors you see.
Also if the Download link has arrived in your Spam Folder please move the e-mail  to your Inbox. Then try again and click on the red VIEW FILES icon in the Hightail message and choose SAVE FILE.
We also suggest to try these troubleshooting steps below as workarounds and see if the following will help:
Please clear the cache and cookies, close the browser you’re using, re-open it and then log back in Hightail and download the files.
For instructions on how to clear your cache and cookies, click the link below:
You may also try ruling out the current browser you’re using and try a different one.
File will not open properly: If you have already downloaded the file and it does not open properly then please advise what program you are trying to open it with and if you are using a MAC or Microsoft. A screenshot or errors would also help us to better understand the issue. Many MAC users are unable to open .csv files without all the data appearing in just one column – but we have a simple work around for this problem – just save the csv as an Excel Workbook  or request us to do this and send the file to you again.  You should then be able to open and read the file without further problems.



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