We are getting a problem with Bounces.

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Firstly please let us know which Email Delivery Service you are using.
Please be assured that we send email messages to those listed every few months and then simply take out the hard bounces.  Of course data does decay quickly but the rate of hard bounces in the supplied list should not exceed 3-5%.
As per our Terms of Business we do give proportionate refunds for Hard Bounces but please understand the type of bounces you are getting. Hard Bounces or Soft Bounces?.
Hard Bounces (examples: “User unknown”, “Account does not exist,” “domain does not exist,” “mailbox does not exist”) These type of addresses are definitely not going to get delivered and should be deleted from your database. We will always refund for these types of bounces.
Soft Bounces (examples: “user over quota,” “mailbox full”, “blocked due to content”) These types of bounces are beyond our control. But these types addresses will usually be deliverable at a later date or deliverable if you adjust your content.
Also are you getting any bounces with messages that indicate that your IP address or the IP address of your email delivery service is being blocked by certain servers or that your server is “timing out” ? These may also show up as “Relay Errors”. You can check IP bans at http://mxtoolbox.com .
Could you also please provide us with more details on how you are sending out your email messages?  Our Terms of Business specify that you should use a professional email delivery service and such email delivery services will provide precise details on the cause of each bounced email and will provide you with a file that contains the bounces. Could you please send us that file of bounces so we can check further?
Please understand that we are unable to support customers who are using web based services such gmail or their own IP or website hosting service to send email messages in reasonably large quantities. Such services do not usually produce a file of bounces which we can then easily check. Also customers using such services to send large numbers of emails are usually contravening the terms of their hosting service and  risk getting their IP address blocked as well as similar problems at SpamHaus.
See http://email-marketing-tips.info/how-to-send-commercial-email-messages/ which provides a lot more info on Email Delivery.

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