We are getting a problem with Bounces.

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We are sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing with bounces but please be assured that we send email messages to those listed every few months and then simply take out the hard bounces.  Of course data does decay quickly but I would be disappointed if the rate of hard bounces in the supplied list exceeds 5%.​​
Could you please provide more details on how you are sending out your email messages?  Our Terms specify that you should use a professional email delivery service and such email delivery services will provide precise details on the cause of each bounced email and will provide you with a file that contains the bounces with precise reasons for the bounce. 
Could you please send us that file of bounces so we can check further?
Also as per our Terms see https://apc-lists.com/terms123 we do give proportionate refunds for Hard Bounces but firstly please advise what type of bounces you are getting please? Hard Bounces or Soft Bounces?.
Hard Bounces (examples: “User unknown”, “Account does not exist,” “domain does not exist,” “mailbox does not exist”) These type of addresses are definitely not going to get delivered and should be deleted from your database. We will always refund for these types of bounces.
Soft Bounces (examples: “user over quota,” “mailbox full”, “blocked**”,  “time outs”  or a temporary issue with the recipient server, for example if their DNS server is down) These types of bounces are beyond our control. But these types addresses will usually be deliverable at a later date or deliverable via a different method.  Email addresses that soft bounce are still valuable and should not be removed from the list.
However should you be getting an excessive number of bounces then the reason is highly likely to be because your email messages were not sent  or were blocked by your service or email delivery system in the first place.
Here are some of the many reasons that emails are not sent or are blocked:

Connection Timed Out– First of all, check that your firewall isn’t restricting your emails from being sent.

Too Many Connections-  You’ll need to check that your concurrent connections setting isn’t set to any higher than this.

450 DNS Lookup Fail-  If there is an issue here, you’ll need to speak to your DNS provider .

Suspected spam message rejected This error is sometimes generated by emails sent to certain servers . You may need to adjust your content

This email matches a profile the Internet community may consider spam. Please revise your message before resending.- It may be that something in the body of your email triggered a spam filtering software to reject your message. We recommend testing the content of your email using Mail-Tester.  Body content that triggers spam filters may include too many capitalised words, poor grammar and or spelling, overuse of punctuation, lack of an unsubscribe link or incorrect HTML links.

No immediate delivery: load average- The sending  server is overworked

521 Error.- It is possible that your email is too spam-like or that your IP address is on a blacklist. Try testing your email content using Mail-Tester.

550 You are not allowed to send from the email address you are sending from.

550 5.7.750 Error – Service unavailable / Client blocked from sending from unregistered domains- Check to see if your IP address or domain is blacklisted.

554 Error – message/partial not supported/ 554 5.6.1 Messages of type message/partial are not supported-

SMTP record- This is normally an issue with the sender domain’s SPF record. Check the SPF record for the sending domain .

Put into go slow queue- If you see this error, it means that the recipient server has requested that we delay or slow down sending. The email will be sent within the next 30 minutes. In the meantime, please check your SPF and DKIM records to ensure that they are set up correctly as this can often trigger the issue.

Maximum line length exceeded Please update your DKIM record. You can also turn on the unsubscribe footer

We’ve found lots of messages from examplehost.com- If you see this error it may suggest an IP senders reputation issue.

550 relay access denied – please authenticate- Please ensure that your SPF record and DKIM record are up to date


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